Easy Frozen Margaritas

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Easy Frozen Margaritas

Prep 15 m

Cook 3 m

Ready In 18 m

8 Servings

130 Calories


"Authentic margaritas call for lots of fresh lime juice - both expensive and time-consuming. I've found I can shortcut the process by using frozen limeade. And for a festive non-alcoholic drink, combine a 12-ounce can of limeade (thawed) with a 48-ounce bottle of sparkling water."

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  1. 2 quarts ice cubes

  2. 1 (12 fluid ounce) can frozen limeade concentrate

  3. 12 fluid ounces tequila (measure with empty limeade can)

  4. 1/4 cup Cointreau

  5. Garnish:

  6. margarita or kosher salt for the rims

  7. lime slices cut in half


  1. Working in 2 batches, place 1 quart ice cubes in a blender. Add 1/2 can limeade, 6 ounces tequila and 2 tablespoons Cointreau. Blend at highest speed until drink is almost smooth. Pour into a pitcher and repeat with remaining ingredients. Store in the freezer.

  2. To salt the margarita glasses, pour a single layer of salt on a salad plate. Moisten each glass rim with lime; dip each rim in the salt. Pour margaritas into each glass; garnish with lime. Serve immediately.

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